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Dermalogica is the world's leading professional line. This is simple, effective, and results-oriented skincare. Products are designed to address a variety of skincare issues, from acne to pigmentation, sensitivity, and premature aging. These products really deliver. Along with the company’s dedication to product research and innovation, Dermalogica provides ongoing training to ensure each skincare therapist possesses the knowledge needed to help clients get the results they are seeking.

Facing Grace carries the following skincare systems:

  • Age Smart
  • Chroma White
  • Medibac Clearing
  • Daylight Defense
  • Shave
  • Ultra Calming
  • Clear Start

ISUN Organic Skincare

ISUN has grown to become a shining light in the “greening” of the health and beauty industry as people are discovering the depth and authenticity of their products. The original products, developed in 2006, were based on the corresponding energies of gemstones in the mineral kingdom with organic, wild-crafted herbs, essential oils and base oils in the plant kingdom. Blending high percentages of live, fully active ingredients with temperatures under 100°F, these products are profoundly effective. The products contain no chemical preservatives or other synthetic ingredients. This philanthropic company gives a portion of its proceeds to IAHV (International Association for Human Values), HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance), Feed the Children, Youth Action International, and The Pachamama Alliance.

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